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Thread: Any decent gaming table plans?

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    Any decent gaming table plans?

    If you're not familiar, there are a few companies out there making "gaming tables", which are basically dining tables with removable "lids" or leaves that reveal a second felt-covered lower table. The idea is that you can set up a board game on the inside part, and if you don't have time to finish it you can add the lid pieces back to use it as a regular kitchen table. Here's a pic:

    This site sells them and has a few more pictures:

    Anyone know of some good plans for one of those? I could try making them myself, or perhaps modify some, but I haven't built a table before and I would rather have a good set of plans to start with.

    (Edit: Apologies that the picture is huge, I can't figure out how to resize it in the BBCode)

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    Here are a couple of possibilities:

    No first-hand experience, but I've read good things about the one from the Wood Whisperer's Guild.

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    Wow, can't believe I missed the Wood Whisperer one. Thanks!

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