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Thread: For Local Relief Sale

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    For Local Relief Sale

    For local Relief Sale held at our County Fairgrounds on Oct 1-2. (The sale is a joy - quilts, pies, cakes, you name it.). Although not a Mennonite I am honored to offer this for their worthy cause. The table is a modification on a through tenon design Mission End Table. (The slats are tough to do BTW.). 13/16 cherry with 2 legs, drawer is dovetailed. I made the mistake of using Target Cherry Toner which is brutal to deal with - love most of their products - especially EM 2000 and EM 6000 (which is what this is finished with plus a catalyst). Will not use it again. Will use Watco and let it dry for 3 days. As an experiment I used my small Domino and 8mm tenons on the rear and pocket screws on the sides. Next time I will use the Domino exclusively if I do not do through tenons. Reason I sent this in is because my wife told me, gasp, it is beautiful.
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    very nice, my wife will not see this at this time as she would insist I build it right now for her

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    Great looking table. Nice job.

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    Very well done Thomas - not only the table but the intent as well. Good on ya.
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    Very nice and very kind of you to contribute to their cause.
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    Noble exercise and excellent table.
    Rustic? Well, no. That was not my intention!

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