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Thread: Reruns, from the Dungeon Woodshop, part 2

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio

    Reruns, from the Dungeon Woodshop, part 2

    A Poplar box....

    Grabbed a few "project boards" from Lowes....I think they were either 3/8" or 1/2" thick. had to sort through a few, both for how the grain showed up, and avoid the cupped ones...
    Poplar Box 2, 4 sides.JPG
    Goal was to have the grain "flow" around the outside of the box....and see what size box I could make.....was between the large projects, and wanted to "putter around" a bit...
    Poplar Box Project, plywood panels.JPG
    Had some fancy plywood use as a bottom and a panel for the lid.....
    Poplar Box 2, jointed.JPG
    Wanted all sides to be the same they were jointed.
    Poplar Box No. 2, start up.JPG
    Ends were also squared up...better to dovetail the corners with.....
    Poplar Box Project, squared.JPG
    Right off the saw....

    Was some debate as to whether I would use through dovetails, joints at the corners...
    Poplar Box Project, unfolded.JPG
    In the end, the fingers won out.....
    Stay tuned, I need to sort through 2 Poplar Box projects, as I also did try the dovetail version...
    Poplar box 2, 4 corners done.JPG
    Seems I had enough "Project Boards" for both...
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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Going to try to keep this with the Finger joint version....well, at least try....seemed to recall I made both, one after the other....just can't remember which was we go..

    Got the 4 sides all set and ready to go...clamped a pair into the bench vise...
    Poplar Box Project, spring clamped.JPG
    Mainly the long sides...spring clamp to keep the pair still, while I mark them up a bit....Intend to at least saw these the same way..spacer for marking out the fingers...
    Poplar Box Project, lay out tools.JPG
    Is rather is the same chisel I will be chopping out the waste with....
    PoplarBox Project, spacing jig.JPG
    About like this....carry the lines down the faces,,,to how thin the matching part will be....knife the line as a stop line...
    Poplar Box Project, joint laid out.JPG
    And, mark which space is to be the waste one....then have a seat, and do a bit of saw work...
    Poplar Box Project, sitting down on the job.JPG
    Nice to be sitting down on the job? As for chopping out the waste..I do one side piece at a time..clamped down so it won't bounce around too much..
    Poplar Box Project, halfway.JPG
    Chop about half way down, leave a bit to support the ends of the waste...flip the board over....
    Poplar Box Project, chisel work.JPG
    And start popping out the waste...using that knife line. Be them little squares like to fly straight back at you....VOE. Also, be sure you mark which is the inside, which is the top and bottom...these are easy to get turned around...and then you wonder why a corner doesn't fit...

    Poplar Box Project, insides marked.JPG
    usually right when I lay the 2 side by side like this....Next up? Need to trace each finger on the the end pieces....we have a bit more sawing to do..

    Stay tuned....
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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Ends needed done, to match the sides...
    Poplar Box Project, ends.JPG
    I worked on one corner at a time....marked each as to #1 up to #4.....checking for fit as I went round the corners...
    Poplar Box Project. 2nd corner done.JPG
    I used the side's fingers to lay out the matching ones on the end panels....cut and chop them on the waste side on the lines....the more line I leave, the better the fit...
    Poplar Box Project, end view.JPG
    All four corners done...make sure it sits nicely on a flat surface...

    grooves be next.....3 grooves are needed on the inside for the bottom panel, one for the lid's panel....and one to make the dust seal...tool of choice?
    Poplar Box Project, in the groove.JPG
    While the top and bottom grooves can be the same set up....that one for the dust seal, need longer rods...and could have used the cam rest..
    Poplar Box Project, second grooves.JPG
    Do the first grooves all the way around...ends and sides. then re-do the jig to mill the dust seal groove. Decide how thick you want the lid, as the inside groove will be along the bottom edge of the lid...will save the outside,lower groove for when the box is glued up...
    Poplar Box Project, lid groove.JPG
    Then cut the plywood panels for the bottom and the top to size.....but, before any glue gets spread around and the clamps go on....mark the EXACT spot where the inside lid groove is....then do the glue up

    Poplar Box Project, grainy lid.JPG
    Up to you, how grainy the top panel should look...and the bottom can be rather plain..
    Poplar Box Project, glued up 1.JPG
    Cauls help when gluing up finger joints...keep checking that the box is square...and let it sit a day....

    With the through dovetailed box, there was a FAT tail right where the groove for the seal was going....and the cut to free the lid, made a matched pair of half pins/tails...
    Stay tuned...waiting on glue to dry....
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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Letting the glue cure an extra day.....couldn't hurt. cleaned up the glue joints...
    Poplar Box Project, cleaned up.JPG
    Have a bit of 1/4" x 1/4" Ash plug the slots for the bottom and top grooves...plane to smooth things up a bit....time to cut the outside cut..
    Poplar Box Project, groove starts.JPG
    I thought this would work, to hold the box didn't....had to try some other wanted to "hop about"...
    Poplar Box Project, out of the clamps.JPG
    Hmmm, box does fit into the vise....we'll see how this goes...
    Poplar Box Project, long groove.JPG
    As the other way wasn't quite right...
    Poplar Box Project, short grooves.JPG
    Short grooves....these outside grooves are to wind up just under the inside a strip can fit inside the lid...
    Poplar Box Project, open the lid.JPG
    When done right, a utility knife can slice the two parts apart.....sometimes, the lip is too fat..we have ways..
    Poplar Box Project, Lip adjuster.JPG
    Once around the block? goal here is to skim a hair off the lip, so the groove in the lid will fit down over it...
    Poplar Box Project, front view.JPG

    Like this. all that is left? Hardware and and a finish....and see about a dovetailed box to match....
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    I missed the original release of these projects. Good as new for me. Thanks.

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Hardware...once the lid will fit onto the dust seal...
    Poplar Box Project, corner view.JPG
    I simply clamp the box into the vise...holds things better for add hinges..
    Poplar Box Project, hardware 2.JPG
    Couple of bags of hardware
    helps IF there is a pilot hole to help them tiny screws. I had a small nail, about the right size....
    Poplar Box Project, pilot hole drill.JPG
    Locate where each screw will the point in that hit with the mallet....instant pilot hole...a bit of candle wax on the threads...and a very small screwdriver..
    Poplar Box Project, tool set.JPG
    One of these? Meh...I had better ones.
    Poplar Box Project, hinges installed.JPG
    All hinged up...turn the box over, and install a latch of your choice...
    Poplar Box Project, close the latch.JPG
    And...IF you want handles on the ends...
    Poplar Box Project, handle install.JPG
    can be done here, as well. The hardware for these boxes came from Hobby Lobby.

    Then apply the finish of your choice...
    Poplar Box Project, PIP 1 Front.JPG
    Now...about that Dovetailed version? That will be in the next exciting episode..

    Stay tuned
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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Hmm, I picked another set of those "Fine" screwdrivers at a yard sale the other day....might test them out later, once the knee feels like a bit of shop time..

    layout work for the other Poplar I built 2 with box/finger joints, and this one with through dovetails....
    Poplar Box 2, 4 sides.JPG
    Again, cut the 2 sides and 2 ends...arrange as to grain...and hide any defects to the inside...
    Poplar Box 2, jointed.JPG
    Joint the edges, as you want all four sides to match each other.
    Poplar Box 2, lay out toys.JPG
    Layout toys. Bevel gauge set to an angle that will look good...and then space the pins out...
    Poplar Box 2, waste marke.JPG
    Mark which will be the waste....that "fat" one is because that is where the lid will be cut from the box....wind up with "half pins", so when the lid is shut, it still looks like the rest of the dovetails..
    Poplar Box 2, pins laid out.JPG
    Carry the lines all around, set to the thickness of the matching side.
    Poplar Box 2, sawdust made.JPG
    Then make a bit of sawdust...then do a bit of chisel work...
    Poplar Box 2, first chops.JPG
    Start in on the outside first, to prevent any blowouts...chop about half way down, leave a bit out on the edge, to support things..for when you flip the board over, and complete the chop from the inside face..
    Poplar Box 2, chopping done.JPG
    All cleaned up? Good. You will need a very sharp pencil ( I can SEE better than a knife line) and trace out the tails...
    Stay tuned, for part 2..BRB
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    Traced them out yet? Good. However you want to saw these...I use a bandsaw simply because I can see where I am cutting. I cut on the waste side of the lines, trying to leave most of the line...the more of the line I leave, the tighter the joint will be. I add a few extra cuts in the waste areas, to help remove the waste. same as before with the chisel. I have a scarp board underneath..
    Poplar Box 2, tails.JPG
    Chop from the show face in...then flip over, and complete the chops....should be about ready for that first dry fit..
    Poplar Box 2, 1st dry fit.JPG
    Then working my way around from corner to corner....helps to mark out which corner parts go to which other parts...along with which is the inside face, and the "top" and "bottom" edges...don't want to cut things backwards, or upside down now...2nd corner?
    Poplar Box 2, 2 corners done.JPG
    Doesn't matter which direction I go...can go this way around, or the other way around...have one side done, or one end long as all 4 corners get done..
    Poplar box 2, 4 corners done.JPG
    All 4 done. Then set up to plow the grooves for the dust seal, the lid panel and the bottom panels..
    Poplar Box Project, making noodles.JPG
    And go and make a batch of noodles...
    mark where the inside dust seal groove is, BEFORE you glue the box together...
    Poplar Box Project, glued up 1.JPG
    Once it is out of the clamps, cut the dust seal groove. Should just need a sharp utility knife to split the lid from the box...clean up the fit between the 2...
    Poplar box 2, knife to split the lid.JPG
    Stay tuned...more to come...
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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    then...add a bit of hardware..
    Poplar box 2, PIP 1.JPG
    A latch, and some brass corner protectors...
    Poplar box 2, PIP hinge side.JPG
    Lid does need a set of hinges....
    Poplar box 2, PIP open the lid.JPG
    That way, the lid can be opened...hmm, wonder what to stash inside....
    Poplar box 2, stained, end view.JPG
    Maybe some handles, and some "Gunstock" stain...and a coat of varnish?
    Poplar box 2, stained, hinge view.JPG
    And the front?
    Poplar box 2, Project post, front.JPG
    Just a little box....maybe stash a bag of candy inside?

    Thanks for looking in...
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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Currently, my Archives show I built a Computer desk about this same time....maybe start another Re-Run Thread on that build? IF there is any interest...hmmm, considering that I am sitting at that desk right now...maybe do a bit about the shelf-extender I made for the Monitor to sit on?

    Errands to run today...maybe this afternoon before I can start in on that?
    Tray build, 2nd plane try.JPG
    BTW...that Dovetail box...seems I added a tray....since there seemed to be room for the tray's handle''
    Tray build, parts.JPG
    More leftovers...tray parts..
    Tray build, just a tray.JPG
    Set a couple blocks for the tray to sit on...
    Tray build, built.JPG
    Just a simple little tray...nothing really complicated....Glue & Nail construction..
    Tray build, something inside.JPG
    Hey, the lid even closes with the tray inside...

    As for all them grooves, and trying to miss a tail..
    Poplar box 2, end grooved.JPG
    One of the End pieces...
    Poplar box 2, plywood fitting.JPG
    Trying to fit the plywood panels...sometimes I needed to joint an edge...
    Poplar box 2, plywood jointed.JPG
    Jointing down the wavy cuts left by the bandsaw....
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