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Thread: Novel way of killing wasps inflatable air

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    Novel way of killing wasps inflatable air

    I live in the Uk .Every year I have to deal with wasp nests

    At the first sign I spray the nest morning and evening with a foam wasp nest killer and this method has been successful every year

    This year I saw wasps flying under the roof tiles to our single single storey extension The only access to the nest would be to remove the tiles and trace the origin

    Spraying foam into the area where the wasps entered the roof had some success but did not solve the problem

    On Amazon I saw a insect duster puffer and this gave me the inspiration for an alternative solution

    I took a piece if narrow metal tube and reduced the diameter by clamping it in a engineering vice so that the tube could be inserted under the tiles

    I attached the metal tube to a 1/2 inch diameter piece of old washing machine pipe with duct tape

    Next using a funnel I poured the wasp powder into the washing machine pipe

    To blow the powder under the tiles I used an electric air pump for inflatables attached to the washing machine pipe

    The power of the pump was sufficient that you could see the powder vapor stream out of the surrounding roof tiles

    Result no more wasps

    Suggestion only use a small amount of powder and repeat the spraying several times
    On my first attempt at spraying the end of the metal tube under the tiles must have been in contact with a solid surface and the powder simply blew out where I put the tube in so you will need to experiment
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    Very inventive.

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    Darn clever. Thanks for sharing!
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    I hate wasps. They've found a novel place to nest around my digs: Behind the rear view mirrors of my outside-parked cars and trucks. Makes it easy for them to get IN when you're not looking
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    Several years back, we had hornets nest in attic between insulation and ceiling. They entered thru opening for AC line set. To get to them from above, meant having to roll insulation back, while hoping to not get stung. After some thought, I came up with a better idea. Donning my bee keepers suit and hat, I then connected a length of copper pipe to a can of R-12. With wife listening inside, I inserted copper pipe it area of nest. When the noise got the loudest, I opened can of R-12. At -40, they didn't last long. Linemen used to be issued cans of spray R-12, so when they went up a pole and encountered a wasp nest, it was a quick spray, and wasps were dead.

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