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Thread: Delta 37-380 jointer

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    Delta 37-380 jointer

    This is a followup post to a post that I made a couple of hours ago regarding a DJ-20. I have a Delta 37-380 jointer that I very recently purchased at a private sale. Upon starting to tune up the machine, I noted that the end of the outfeed table drops off close to 1/4". The overall bed length is 73". I have read several articles about shimming the ways, but nowhere to this degree. I don't know where to begin. I am fairly new to woodworking, but know that there are many experienced voices here on the Creek. Any comments would be appreciated.


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    If the gib screws are in place I think that much drop is going to be beyond anything that a shim can correct. The gib screws allow a lot of movement if they have been erroneously backed off. Table damage is common on jointers. Either people use them as handles when moving the machine or your extra large neighbor parks his hip on it while drinking beer and telling lies in the shop. Cast iron is tough but leverage will win every time.

    Easy enough to confirm. Place a straight edge on the outfeed table. If it is relatively flat then the table is not bent. If the table is bent I would look for another jointer or identical basket-case that you can scrounge parts from. The next weak link when a dovetail way machine is abused are the ways and the structure around them. Look for cracked castings or broken parts. Again, the decision to fix or just move on will depend on you.
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    Before getting too excited start by seeing if the gib screws are snugged up properly. the dip could easily be because they are to loose.