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    I recently completed a small project-plate display stand.
    PlateStand 001.jpg
    The semi-circular piece holding the bottom of the plate is Pine.
    When I cleaned up the edges (vertical faces) of the router work
    there was tear-out leaving voids. My chisel was sharp and only
    3/16" in width. I used some Durham's Rock Hard Putty
    which 1) was on hand 2) known to be known of very similar color
    to the Pine.
    Sanding was done including shaping some sanding sticks to allow
    getting down into the bottom and edges of the routing and paper of
    various grits contact cemented to these "tools".
    When polyurethane was applied the putty "popped".
    All the above is on the road to asking what light colored wood
    would be appropriate for what was attempted here? In other words,
    what stock could have been used to let me clean up the vertical edges
    going down into the bottom/s of the routing? In the past I have done
    projects where names have been routed into scrap but in those cases
    any tearout was filled and the routing carefully painted black to the surface
    flush line; no problem. I realize this is related to carving in only the
    most rudimentary sense but as title of post says...

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    Basswood, poplar, or maple would all rout or carve more cleanly and be light in color (with poplar you'd want to pick your boards carefully, as they have dark or green streaks). Maple would almost certainly look the best, basswood is much easier to carve-- you might want to choose a soft maple for carving rather than hard sugar maple. Pine is tough stuff to work with in my experience, requiring both good technique and extremely sharp tools.

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    Roger W.
    Thanks for input; all stated makes sense to me.
    Will weigh options; I have looked at stains trying to match
    the primary wood. If I can get a good match will sand the recesses/routed areas
    as well as possible and try stain in those routed areas. Take my lumps
    and remember this project's lessons for next time.

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