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Thread: The Writing Desk

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    The Writing Desk

    I have finally completed the Writing Desk. It took longer than I expected, as it usually does.

    Highlights: I modified the original Christian Becksvoort design to make it slightly less Shaker and slightly more contemporary. The front, back and sides of the top have slight faired curves that I think kicks it up a notch in terms of overall appearance. I continued the curved theme by including a curve on the drawer front: not easy to see any of this in the photos, unfortunately. The black dot in the center of the drawer front is an ebony inlay: I included this design feature to match a similar design detail on the furnishings in the room where this will be housed. I made the top from two nice pieces of curly cherry that I was saving for just this project: it has lots of character, just the way I like it. Pinned mortise/tenon joints on the legs are regulation Shaker. The drawer frame is maple, and the scraps I scrounged for this ended up having a nice tiger stripe: a nice surprise each time you open the drawer, Drawer bottom is nearly clear eastern white pine. The goal was to build a desk that had a light look: not a fan of the traditional desks that have rows of drawers from top to floor on either end. I think this will fit well in the room it was designed for, and I look forward to the day when I can sit at this desk at write my last mortgage check!

    Next project: a bed (shaker, of course). Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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    Nice looking desk Phil.

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    Sweet and very well illuminated for the photos.

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    That is beautiful -- very nice work.

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    Really nice job. I need to use some Cherry on a project.
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    Beautiful desk and inspiring as well.

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    Love it! Simple and beatiful.
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    Another gallery worthy stunner! Well done sir!

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    Another winner Phil. Very nice work.
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    Great work. I like the under bevel along the front and the wavy grain.
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    Nice work, Phil, you must have hid the cherry from me last time I was over haha! How’d you create that bevel under the top, must have been a lot of band work. Your home is turning into a very special furniture gallery!

    Thanks for sharing, take care.


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    Very handsome work! Beautiful design and execution. Congratulations. -Howard

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    Thanks gents for the kind words! I have attached two more photos showing the table in its place of honor in what we call the addition (clever name for a room don't you think?). You can see the same black dot detail on the window rosette blocks (detail is also carried through with door/drawer pulls and even the design of the rug).

    Bevels: the bevel on front/back was done with a 60° chamfer router bit. The very wide bevel under each end of the top (6 inches) was done with a low angle jack plane (very easy and very efficient).

    Again: thanks much for all the great comments: much appreciated!

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    Couple of thoughts:

    1. Are you perhaps a professional Photographer? Guessing based on the lightening.
    2. Wow, that is amazing wood and grain. Love how it flows.
    3. Wow, really great work.
    4. Is that a writing desk? (my ignorance shows through) I had no idea because I usually see people put this sort of thing in a foyer or something. That makes more sense now that you state it, however.

    Very well done, appreciate the pics.

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