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Thread: 3D CAD for gunstock design

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    3D CAD for gunstock design

    We are finalizing a design /build of a 4 axis router built specifically to route out gun stocks from laminated blanks. That is all this machine will do, typ turn out "one of" custom carved stocks.

    Now I am on the hunt for a 3D design package to work in.
    I ONLY need to design the exterior shape and inlay of the stock in the CAD,, no shop drawings, architect, lists, etc.
    So many CAD packages are bloated down as "one package does it all",, not looking for that.
    Like I said, I need to design the exterior shape and the inlay cut (where the barrel/action drop in)

    What are my best options as far as CAD packages?
    I could/would use a separate CAM package after the design.

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    There are no easy and cheap 3D CAD programs. How much 2D CAD experience do you have? This is a better post for the CNC Forum here.
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    There are a lot of choices. The time required to become proficient in any one is considerable. Rhino 3D is one; it has a one-time license fee and a large user community. Aspire and Fusion 360 will also work and have integral CAM.

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    On-shape is free for hobbits, so is Autocadís Fusion 360. For paid, solid works, rhino are some others to throw in the ring.

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