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Thread: Help with Ryobi BT3000 table saw

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    Help with Ryobi BT3000 table saw

    Can anyone help me locate a 5/8-18 arbor nut for a Ryobi BT3000 table saw? I was changing out the blade on my 25 year old saw and the nut cracked in half. Apparently a standard 5/8-18 nut doesn't work because I can't get it to turn past the first thread on the spindle. The saw still works well and I would hate to have to drop $600 on a new saw just because I can't get an arbor nut for this one. Would appreciate any help.

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    The reason you cannot get a new nut on the arbor is probably because the threads are Acme type (square at the top, not tapered).
    You have options: search using your favorite engine on line for Ryobi parts, or see if you can take the old nut to a machine shop and they could make you another.
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    Is this what you are looking for:

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