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Thread: storing cutting boards long term

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    storing cutting boards long term

    So, I will have a rack of a couple hundred face and edge grain, mostly finished, cutting boards that I was planning on oiling and waxing over the next couple weeks to prep for fall shows but Covid flared up again and ruined that plan. With the shows axed I now expect to have some hang around after x-mas so some of these boards could spend some time just sitting in inventory.

    I have only oiled and waxed a handful and now re-thinking the plan since i would probably need to do it again on any that sit a round for a few months. Any issue with a finished un-oiled and not waxed boards hanging around on the production rack for an extended time?

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    Properly supported in a dry environment, they should be fine. Best to find a way to index them so that any orders you need to fill via non-show sales (ETSY, other methods) can be done without ripping everything apart to fine "the one".

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    You'd be wise to seal them, at least the ends (at which point you just seal them all). You leave them in a rack and in however long find small hair line splits in the ends/glue line and having sealed them twice will be a gift compared to you sitting in your back yard with a box of tissues burning them in the fire ring. I dont care how well you jointed your parts.. ends move more than long.. seal them up ASAP.
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    I wrap anything destined for long term storage in stretch wrap. I make manageable size stacks and wrap them up air tight. Trash bags will also do in a pinch. The key is to to make sure moisture levels normalize within the material faster than it can be lost to the environment. this keeps veneers and such flat indefinitely for me even if stored in less than ideal conditions.

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    thanks everyone!

    We have decided to laser on the logo and do the oil but wait and do the the wax as we ship. That also gives me a chance to really go over the boards as they ship and make sure nothing negative has developed. It sucks to have to sell these one board at a time on line. X-mas shows are so much better for moving a bunch of inventory at once. Oh well it is what it is, thanks again.

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    I bought shrink wrap bags on amazon for them. oiled/waxed/photographed/bagged/boxed ready to ship. after I used up the 50 bags I bought I bought it on a roll and had a heat sealer to close the ends. Havent tried it yet Need to make some more boards I guess.

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