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Thread: repost from weekend accomplishments - Bombe' Chest of drawers

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    repost from weekend accomplishments - Bombe' Chest of drawers

    I posted this in the Weekend Accomplishments section but then after reading some past posts I see I should have posted here. So here it goes.
    I recently finished this Bombe Chest of drawers from a 12/4 x 23" x 12' Genuine Mahogany board. The top was a 5/4 x 24" x48" Genuine Mahogany Crotch board. Pine is the secondary wood. All surfaces hand planed, scraped.
    Period Joinery and dovetails, done by hand. Top attached by tapered dovetail to the sides. Beads and molded edges are by hand, using gouges and scrapers. Hot hide glue and modified/reformed cut nails used. The drawer sides conform to the Chest's profile/shape. The English extruded brass locks are from Whitechapel LTd. in Wyoming. The brasses are from Optimum Brasses in England, sand cast from originals using the proper period brass alloy. The chest was colored with Walnut crystals. French polished with blond shellac and then waxed. Thanks for taking the time to look.


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    Absolutely gorgeous Joe!
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    Joe, if you are not a member of SAPFM, you ought to be. Agree with Paul, absolutely gorgeous. A Bombe chest is on my bucket list and i appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail in yours. Well done, sir.
    Best, Patrick
    Another thought, kind of surprised you got the sides out of 12/4, as i assumed I would have to locate some 16/4 for the sides

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    Joe, that is a masterpiece! I am sure that took a lot of work - great job!

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    Beautiful piece of work Joe.
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    Very nice, well executed.

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    No harm in mentioning in the "What did you do" thread at all, but I'm very glad you posted a thread about this here in the Woodworking Projects area! That's really outstanding craftsmanship on what is a difficult project to execute. Bravo!

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    Man is that pretty. I sure hope you'll post more of your work!
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    Holy smokes -well done! Process pics would be enjoyed in the neander ‘cave’
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    Outstanding work! Did you copy a specific piece? What was the reason for using pine as the secondary wood? How did you hog out the curved profile in the case sides?

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    Very fine. Well done!!!

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    I have always loved that form. This one is superb, with some artful unusual touches . The grain arrangements of the drawers would never
    have occurred to me…. but what a show they make ! The top looks like liquid caramel ! And has a face in it ! I hope you
    will sign and date it in a number of places.

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    Excellent work Joe. Outstand choice of wood for the top.
    Dave Anderson
    Chester Toolworks LLC
    Chester, NH

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    Excellent job! Beautiful piece of work!

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    Your Great Great Great Grandchildren will love it.

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