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Thread: Does anyone use a #1 bench plane?

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    Had both a Stanley and an LN white bronze. Never used either to preserve value. Sold the Stanley and still have the LN sitting in the box. Can't think back to any time that I thought ".....If I just had a No.1 bench plane....".

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    I like the Veritas #1. I picked one up about 2 months ago and have used it twice. The Veritas #1 just barely fits in my hand with the horn sitting tight in the crook of my thumb but is still a good user. The Lie Nielsen #1 is purely decorative for me. I've tried to use it a few times but there is no comfortable way for me to get a decent grip on it. I cant possibly hold it by the tote with the long horn that sits low that if you get the horn in the crook of your thumb then my hand sits below the sole. It's possible to hold it like a block plane but at that point it's 10x more comfortable to use an actual block plane. I still prefer a standard block plane for most tasks. I don't think it's available anymore but i'm very happy with the Veritas low angle block with the accessory knob & tote. That's the whole reason i was more than willing to purchase the #1 is because of how happy i've been with their low angle block with tote. I personally figure the worst case scenario of buying the #1 is not liking it and selling it for a very small loss (i consider it like a rental fee) or you might break even. It would be easy to live without the Veritas #1 but it's a good looking functional plane which i am happy with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Koepke View Post
    Sometimes it is the right plane for the job:

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    For small jobs in small places there is nothing better.

    Thanks for the picture Jim. That's exactly the way I use my Wood River #1.
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    Thanks, Jim. Your photo illustrates exactly where mine shines. I bought a LN #1 last year thinking I wouldn't use it much. Now it lives in my apron and finds its way into the work much more than I would have imagined. I'm sure I could have lived without it, but I sure use it. Regards.

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    Just for fun, here is another way my LN #1 is held:

    Holding the #1.jpg

    The ring finger and pinky are scissor gripping the tote while the thumb and middle finger are on the sides with the fore finger on the knob. The palm of my hand is on the top of the tote.

    When my grandson was about 6 he had no problem holding and using it.

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    Chester Spier has very informative videos. Here he evaluates and compares the 4 versions of the #1.

    Since I have a LN 60 1/2 and Stanley 9 1/2, I won’t be getting a #1, but the video is definitely worth a look (as are his others) to those who have or are considering purchasing one.

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