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Thread: Anybody have a "Flo Control by Moen"?

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    Anybody have a "Flo Control by Moen"?

    A friend recommended the above to help avoid a water leak disaster. It's installed in your water main and controlled by a smart phone. What it does is notify you if an unusual water flow is happening and, from what I understand, will shut off the water automatically. Sounds like a good idea to me.
    Does anyone have one, what do you think of it?

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    My MIL has something like that (not sure of brand: Might be hard-wired rather than smart) on her house. It was mandated by the insurance company after she had a flood from a burst pipe a few years ago. I don't know that she hates it but does complain a little. For example, the lawn irrigation system sometimes triggers it or it also triggers if the tries to top off her swimming pool from the garden hose. So, I guess as long as you are OK with the fact that it might create issues like that, it could make sense if you are worried about flooding?

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    We had that kind of device on the second floor laundry hookups at our old property. One caution...if the residence has a fire sprinkler system that's connected to the water supply from the street (doesn't apply to folks with wells that must have a closed, tank setup), then you would want the device past the tie-in to the sprinkler system for obvious reasons.

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