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Thread: Does Cast Iron Deeply Absorb Protectant Over Time?

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    ...Could Felder have formulated them specifically for their cast tops?
    I wouldn't say Felder formulated them specifically for their cast iron tops as much as "found a chemical that works really well for that". I'm certain we're just reselling some other manufacturer's chemicals. The Supergleit is really good stuff. Also, our edgebanders come with a bunch of these little things stuck inside the cabinets:

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    Long ago I worked in a foundry. There was a lot of chemistry going on, with an on site lab checking and ordering adjustments in each melt due to the varied scrap that went into it. And there were different types of cast iron, (grey iron, nodular, and another I can't remember)

    Clearly the flavor of cast iron makes a huge difference in the tendency to rust. Do the manufacturers of our equipment consider rust when selecting a type of iron? Maybe some do.

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    I like a planed surface, or the surface SCM applies. High polished surface is terrible on anything except machines that do not require wood to slide over them.
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