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Thread: Feeltek Fiber Laser Scan Heads and LenMark 3D Software

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    Feeltek Fiber Laser Scan Heads and LenMark 3D Software

    I am a new contributor and recently purchased a 3D, Dynamic Focus 60W MOPA Fiber Laser with the Feeltek 3D Scan Head. This unit has adjustable pulse width and frequency settings. I purchased from Ray Fine Lasers and was quite pleased with the quality of parts, the workmanship, communication and shipping. In general, an all around good purchase experience. The manuals and sub-manuals are extensive and written in pretty good English. Like most translated (by Chinese) documents from China, there are the occasional misunderstandings when translated and usually at just the wrong part.
    I am hoping we can start a new section that deals with these types of laser systems.
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    Is lenmark a rebranded Ezcad 3D variant might you know? I’ve got a rebranded version I need to wrap my head around. Perhaps we can collaborate. Ahh - I see youre in SA, Im up the road from you.
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