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Thread: Dishwasher won't unlock

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    Dishwasher won't unlock

    Well, this is a new one !!! Accidentally pressed the lock button the Dishwasher , when I loaded up the dishes. Pressed the start button without realizing I pressed the darn button !!! It's been 4 HOURS since the Dishwasher got done washing the dishes, and the Dishwasher STILL WON'T UNLOCK ITSELF !!!

    Any fix to this ????

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    There is probably a youtube video on it.

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    Quite often, a "long press" will toggle the lock on a dishwasher and other appliances.

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    Our kitchenaid requires a 5 second press.
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    Maybe flip the breaker off for a few minutes? Can you access any buttons with the door closed? Not on our Bosch. It is so quiet it has a little light to tell you it is running. I belive it is the quietest dw out there.
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    Had to bang on the door a few times, to get it to open. That thing was STUCK !!!! Buttons are not on the front of the door, they are on the top. What makes it difficult, is that the Countertop has an overhang. So, when the door is closed, the buttons are hidden underneath the overhang of the Countertop. No way to get my fingers in between the door and the countertop.

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    We have a range oven that periodically goes into lock mode on its own as though in oven cleaning mode but without actually cleaning. Killing the power is the only way to stop it. Same thing for our dish drawers that occasionally go into some kind of alarm mode and become non functional.
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