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Thread: Laguna Bandsaw Plastic Blanking Block - do I need it? see pic

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    Laguna Bandsaw Plastic Blanking Block - do I need it? see pic

    Screen Shot 2021-07-24 at 1.43.53 PM.jpg

    I was having some bandsaw tracking problems and I think my blade ended up cutting this in half so I need a new one - did not see it listed on Amazon and was wondering how critical it is - I know it helps guide the bandsaw blade.

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    These (disposable) blocks are more for helping with dust collection than they are for guiding the blade. Cutting the slot in a new one should also be done by turning the wheel by hand with the blade tensioned and slowing pushing the block into its holder as the band cuts a clean slot. Can you run without it? Probably. But you'll lose the benefits of how it helps with the dust extraction.

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    I think it’s perfectly fine to make one yourself.
    I made one for my bandsaw out of wood but plywood would work too.
    Consider it a upgrade

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    thanks for the suggestions

    Thanks both for the suggestions.

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    I replaced mine with a piece of BB plywood, not really sure it is needed.

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    The Centauro saws would ship with a little blank BB ply square exactly for this. Don't have any photos but one of my customers DIY'ed a shroud out of plywood and rare earth magnets that enclosed the area between the lower cabinet and the underside of the cast iron table. He said it really helped with dust extraction. Could be an idea.

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    I used 1/2 inch MDF in mine. It becomes basically a zero clearance slot and helps much more than the plastic wide slotted one that came with the saw.

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    I modeled one in tinkercad, and then printed a bunch on a 3d printer, so I have a stack of backups for my 18 BX.

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