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Thread: It's a two door

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    It's a two door

    Just finished these today. Still need to set the door stops. Sapele with Target EM6000 lacquer. Management likes it.


    Thanks for looking. Sorry about the orientation. It looks correct when I edit.
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    That is nice ! Kinetic piece that will find a way to roam around the house while you are sleeping ! It’s the “Zoot Suit “ of doors ! And I see the
    face of a small dog over the left door knob.

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    Those are gorgeous. I love the color and the grain!
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    all I can say is wow! Those are beautiful – don't think I could get away with Hangingthem in my house because would make everything else looked drab and uninteresting. Congrats on an outstanding project you can be proud of and that more importantly management approves!

    Cheers, Mike

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    Impressive doors. Eye catching grain. Big...gotta make me a door!

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