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Thread: Epilog 24EX removal of encoder reader

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    Lightbulb Epilog 24EX removal of encoder reader

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum and to my new/old Epilog 24EX, and laser engraving.

    We have run some tests, and generally successful, but lately it is doing a couple of horizontal lines in the raster (at the same y area for different files, file attached) and thought to look inside/under the encoder reader, which is one part I did not clean when I did a full deep clean.

    So, I started taking this apart, up to a what I'm calling mystery bolt, which is pointed out in the pictures, this will need to be removed to be able to lift the encoder reader assembly.

    Anyone with experience in this removal, I would appreciate the feedback very much. Specifically now to remove that little bolt.

    I realize that it may not solve the problem and may need to get a new encoder strip, etc. but I'd like to try at least, as the machine right now is not making us any money.

    Thanks for reading and your possible assistance.encoderreaderArtboard 1.jpgmisteryboltArtboard 1.jpgskippedlinesArtboard 1.jpg

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    I found this video, it may help, I think (not positive?) the 36 is just a bigger version of your 24-- I notice this guy got the reader off without your 'mystery bolt' coming into play; the air line connection remained intact...

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    Thanks for your help . That was the video I was going with, but there are some differences in the construction between the EX and EXT in that area, so I only got so far, plus also had to remove the screw that holds the air assist spiral. I guess as the models evolve, the manufacturer has to solve issues that cause problems for the client.

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