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Thread: BOSCH 12v drill and driver

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Newman View Post
    Gents: thanks for the information. Now to find a tool emporium that has one that I can handle. Again, thanks.
    Lowes should have it. They carry Bosch. That is where I bought mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Jones View Post
    I havenít tried the Flexclic but I have a 12 volt Max drill, impact driver and sawsall. I have used the drill and impact driver in the shop for seven years including putting down a deck. Great tools and lighter than the higher voltage stuff.

    Ditto. I really enjoy and have found the 12V Max line to be a great value, batteries last long time too. I also have the drop lights, which have been great as well. I recommend.

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    Just my $.02 like everyone else. I was a bike mechanic for about 8 years and used the hell out of 12v drivers and drills, both Bosch and Milwaukee. I found the Milwaukee Fuel models to be faster, more solid and stronger than the Bosch. I have both Bosch and Milwaukee 12v drills at home. I use the Bosch for the lite duty stuff, but the Milwaukee drill and driver for the heavier stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Becker View Post
    Try to find a place that caters to contractors. The Bosch and Milwaukee 12v s are popular for installation work because of their small size and light weight.
    Can you be paid a brand other than Bosch vs Milwaukee?

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    I have the Dewalt 12V impact driver and drill in my portable kit, for their small size and light weight. I've been very happy with their performance, and the batteries seem to last quite a while despite being small. I like that they charge on the same charge base as the 20V and 60V batteries, and my laser level uses the same 12V battery.

    I wouldn't use them to drive 3" or larger screws into 2x material, such as when framing, but for sheet goods and smaller tasks they are great.

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    I am apparently late to the party but I will add another vote in favor of the linked Bosch 12V flexi click drill. I have that exact set and it is my favorite but I also agree with the comments that it is kind of light duty. But I do not agree Milwaukee 12V is sturdier. I have a M12 drill and their 1/4 impact driver (and lots of other Milwaukee cordless tools). The M12 drill broke in the low range one of the first times I used it. To be fair, I was driving a spade bit, maybe an inch in diameter, but I've done that a lot with my old Ryobi 18V drills and they never broke. But the Milwaukee did. I have not tried this with my Bosch - I don't see it as that kind of tool - but I don't see the Milwaukee M12 drill as very robust.

    I wouldn't want to use the Bosch 12V as my only cordless drill but I wouldn't want to be without it either. I could get by just fine with my Ryobi 18V drills and the Bosch 12V. But I would miss the M12 impact driver. The ability to change the torque (4 settings) is great. My Ryobi is a crude tool by comparison as are the 18V DeWalts I use volunteering at church.

    Because I reserve it for lighter duty, more demanding tasks I haven't charged the batteries a lot but both still work fine. I have the 12V Bosch jigsaw on my wish list.

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