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Thread: Proper hinge for inset door?

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    Proper hinge for inset door?

    Wife wanted a desk to hide the auto litter box. I need to attach the door somehow and canít figure out which hinge. If a hinge is a problem I may just add 4 magnet stops in the corners. The door is pretty light to move.

    The door is inset. But, itís also flush with the trim and NOT the 3/4Ē panel of the door. I bought a partial wrap barrel hinge and that wonít work because the door is about 9/16Ē recessed from flush in order for the trim to line up.

    Would a 175 degree Blum style work? Nice with those is they it swings out and then away.

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    Are you saying that the final door thickness will be 1 5/16" thick?

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    I guess. 1-5/16 at the top and bottom where there trim is attached to the door.

    I think Iím just going to use magnetic catches and magnetic pop in the center top of the door.

    My real issue is the floor in the room has a massive hump in it. Giving me issues squaring the door. So Iím gonna figure that out then just use the magnet catches.

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    Look at any interior door in your house. They're thick -- generally 1 3/8". If your cabinet door is 1 5/16" thick where the hinges attach, use knuckle hinges just like your interior doors work.

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    The salice 200 series thick door hinges might work. Ive used them on 1.25" doors and I think they are rated for 35mm (1&3/8") max.

    They are only 94 degree opening though.

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