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Thread: Stickers? I stopped to check out some slabs

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    Stickers? I stopped to check out some slabs

    I drive past a place that always has a large selection of slabs so I stopped in to check it out. I am not much of a live edge slab guy because of a small shop and I lack the arm strength to move them around. So really I just wanted to break them down. Anyway as I looked I was seeing a lot of checking on the ends that were unsealed. I asked when were these cut and do you sticker them? He said "these were cut yesterday, and I put the stickers on" he was pointing to the price stickers. I decided it was time to move on.

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    That's pretty common. The live edge craze has motivated a lot of people with no knowledge of wood to buy a sawmill in hopes of making easy money. There are at least two guys near me selling fresh cut slabs to people who have no more knowledge about wood than the guys cutting it. I've bailed out a several of those customers by drying their slabs, and flattening others that have cupped when they dried. You were wise to move on.


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    Sounds like the time I was in HD in the tool area and asked the guy, where are your biscuits. He looked at me like I just escaped from somewhere. I soon found out (after explaining what a plate joiner was) they sold the tool, just not the biscuits.

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