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Thread: Craft Paper

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    Craft Paper

    I used to have a roll of purple craft paper about 36" wide that I used for painting protection and glue ups. What do you all use and where do you get it?
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    Plain old, cheap wax paper is my choice. I did use craft paper at one time, but after running out switched to the generic wax paper. With judicious placement when gluing, several uses can be achieved. For items such as dresser tops, the narrower width may fit nicely between the clamps. It just depends on the item.

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    I buy a roll of heavy brown paper - alot like a heavy paper bag - at Home Depot. It's about 36" wide and a roll lasts me a good while.
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    I bought a roll of rosin paper like this several years ago at Home Depot although I think it was a longer length.. Still using on it although it is getting to its end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frederick Skelly View Post
    I buy a roll of heavy brown paper - alot like a heavy paper bag - at Home Depot. It's about 36" wide and a roll lasts me a good while.
    This. Go by the paint isle.

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    I used to use the heavy brown craft paper, like Frederick Skelly, but was always a little frustrated by the way it always wanted to curl up. The rosin paper is much the same. I picked up a roll of Ram Board that contractors use to protect stuff during construction. It's quite a bit heavier than the craft paper. It curls a lot less than the paper, just a little at the very ends, with no tendency to roll itself back up. And I believe one side is treated to slow liquids seeping through, which is handy for finishing or doing oily jobs. I have a couple of lengths cut to fit my assembly table, my bench, and the top of my saw and use them when gluing or finishing or other messy jobs. I've been using the same pieces for a year or so and they are still going strong. When I'm done with them, I loosely roll them up for storage, and they unroll and lay flat when needed. The stuff wasn't expensive, especially considering how long it lasts.
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    I saved a few large cardboard boxes, flattened them and use them to cover my assembly table when painting or finishing.

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    Butcher paper is used here -- the kind that is coated to be semi-water resistant.

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    I have a roll of craft paper I got years ago as well as a roll of rosin paper that was left in the at the new place by the previous owner. I do use paper from time to time to cover the bench or other surfaces, but also keep a piece of cardboard that's "bench sized" for general protection. It was cut out of a very large box that "something" came in years ago. One side I keep clean and the other side gets used when paint, etc., is involved. I slide ie behind a cabinet here at the new place and at the old shop, it was leaned against the wall in the DC/compressor closet.

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    +1 for red rosin paper

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    Menards runs some off the wall stuff on sale - sometimes for prices too low to pass up.
    Red rosin paper is one of those items.

    So yeah - +3 or 4 for red rosin paper.
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    The building suppliers that cater to the trades carry large rolls of heavy paper, much heavier than normal kraft paper. This is often taped down to protect floor while working.

    You can type KRAFT PAPER ROLL into the Amazon search field for lots of options.

    If you happen to have a newspaper or industrial printing company nearby they sometimes give way paper when the rolls start to get low. I used to get plenty of paper from a local newspaper before they started farming that out. They had both newsprint and heavier white paper. (I still have lots of that!)


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    I get mine from U-Line. Although the last roll I got was thinner (40lb) than my previous one, and I can't wait until it's used up so I can get a thicker roll. I think 60# paper was my original, better choice. My $0.02
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    I use cheap disposable 100 liter bags for waste. Sometimes I open two of the sides to get them bigger.

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    Further to John Jordans suggestion, corrugated box manufacturers do the same thing.
    If you have one near by, try to get to their dumpster and you will be treated to a great roll of craft paper that will last you a long time

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