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Thread: Wood Species for platform type bowsprit

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    Wood Species for platform type bowsprit

    I am replacing an Ash platform-type bowsprit on a CD30 that has rot around the through-deck bolts. The rot may have been partly caused by boltholes drilled for a windlass mounted on the bowsprit. All other exterior wood is teak. I could build a replacement in Ash but am considering something less prone to rot that would have a similar appearance to the teak. 8/4 Teak would be too expensive and difficult to source in the dimensions needed and I don't want to use a glue-up. A local service guy suggested ipe but I'm not sure that I can source 8/4 ipe locally in the required dimensions. However, iroko may be available, as would various species of "African mahogany." Anyone have experience with iroko for this sort of application or done a similar project?

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    I can get 8/4 Sapele here in Fairbanks, which is good. Wendy's resturaunts used Sapele print wall paper for about a decade which is maybe not so good. I am not sure where Sapele lands in the eco-friendly/ overlogging continuum. Sapele is not the easiest wood to work with hand tools.

    Agree ash is not rot resistant. No experience with the other woods you mentioned. Good luck.

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    Iroko is a pretty common substitute for teak in British boats. I’ve used it for some smaller projects on my own boat to good effect. I would think it would be very suitable for a bowsprit. There are a few professionals here that may have more direct experience. Good luck with it.

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