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Thread: Amazing hand built wooden bridge no fasteners

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    Amazing hand built wooden bridge no fasteners

    I stumbled across this youtube video of Grandpa Amu who builds a small wooden bridge across a creek without using any metal fasteners. It is truly amazing.

    And here's one where he makes a stool out of one block of wood with interlocking pieces.

    There's more youtube videos of his amazing work.

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    I can just see some bureaucrat here blow a gasket because a permit wasn't pulled though & poor old Grandpa Amu being told he has to tear down his bridge.
    My granddad always said, :As one door closes, another opens".
    Wonderful man, terrible cabinet maker...

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    That guy is amazing. He's probably making 100k/month on his YT channel and doesn't even notice. I stumbled across his videos when I was looking up how to build a nuclear reactor. He gets 57 million video views per year. A lot of content creators in the WW world do just that: create content for the channel. In his case, his son just follows him around with a camera. Turns out all the attention finally got a street light installed in his village. You can, of course, buy his merch from Alibaba.....

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