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Thread: Suggestions for Hanging Shelf

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    Suggestions for Hanging Shelf

    Hi all.

    I built some hexagonal shelves for my daughter and was looking for suggestions on the best way to hang them. They're all one piece and in the picture shown, they're upside down.



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    I would use either keyhole slots with screws or steel pins into the studs.

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    AWESOME​ looking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Schierer View Post
    I would use either keyhole slots with screws or steel pins into the studs. how I would do it, too. Both methods make for a completely hidden installation for floating shelves.

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    Those are nice! How are the miters joined? I agree re keyholes for hanging but would be concerned about not aligning with studs. Any idea about how much weight will be put in them? You might want 5 or 6 points of support.

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    I am planning some hanging helves for the garage. I picked up some big turnbuckles at a farm sale, 5/8 bolt size. Those will hold some weight up supported from the rafters. Turnbuckles will make it easy to adjust for level.
    Bill D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Dufour View Post
    I am planning some hanging helves for the garage. I picked up some big turnbuckles at a farm sale, 5/8 bolt size. Those will hold some weight up supported from the rafters. Turnbuckles will make it easy to adjust for level.
    Bill D
    Clever idea for functional garage shelves.

    Pretty sure Adam isn’t going to want to see all that rigging in a finished interior room.

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    Thanks all for your complements and suggestions.

    I originally planned on using keyhole brackets but since there's no vertical sides there's no good place to put them. What I need are something like keyhole brackets only with a notch on one side so I could mount the brackets horizontally. Kind of like a heavy duty picture hanger.

    My daughter found these shelves on Pinterest. They're very popular these days. You can buy kits all over. I just used 1x6 clear pine. She wanted each one to sit individually on the wall with an inch between them on all sides. I figured that trying to hang them evenly would be a royal pain. Fortunately, she agreed to having them all one piece - and it's still a pain...

    At first, I was going to use biscuits for the joints, but I only own a crappy Ryobi plate joiner and I didn't trust the accuracy for these angles. Then, I thought about inserting oak or walnut splines. If I did two at each joint, that would have meant SIXTY splines and I'm not that motivated. Finally, after some reading on glue strength, I came to the conclusion that Titebond alone would be enough. Let's hope it works! At least my daughter has a good sense of humor.

    The glue-up was easy. I laid them down with the outside up and Frog Taped them together. I turned the whole thing over and glued all the joints and then rolled them together and taped the last joint. I worked really well!

    Thanks again!

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    I once built some semi floating shelves in a nook from maple ply. one end had black pipe shelf brackets and the other ended in the nook wall. the shelf simply set on top of the pipe and extended into the air beyond it. i used camlocks. i found that a #6 pan head fit great in the camlocks that I had. I think they were actually left over from some old ikea furniture. I drilled the bottom of the lower shelves for the lock, and the top of the upper shelves to hide them, and the long #6 screw was in a stud. worked like magic to pull the thin shelf edge up to the drywall with no exposed fastener.

    you could do this with the screw sticking out of the drywall, and the camlock on the top of an upper shelf to keep it hidden. they do have to be fairly precisely laid out on the wall, but so do the keyholes advantage is they require very little vertical space and draw it up nice and tight to the drywall with some adjustability. the weight really sits on the screw like a pin, so also fairly strong. you will have to get some camlocks and figure out what screw size fits well.

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    Beautiful shelves.

    Even though there are per se no vertical pieces of wood, there are areas on the joints where a relatively small vertical piece could fit. I see four on the top pieces. Does anyone make relatively small keyhole brackets? I could see this working and be invisible.
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    I don’t know about hanging it but you definitely need to make a huge bee to go with it.

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    I would not trust glue alone on this if anything heavy is going to be stored on them. Let us know if the glue alone works out.
    Charlie Jones

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    First I would like to say I misread the topic(thought it said self), I would have said you need to talk to somebody.
    I was succesful with these. You need about 1-1/8 or so to hide the bracket So I would suggest installing them where wood is doubled up.
    The only issue I had was the wall was bowed.
    Looks great
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    Another vote for keyhole slots. I use them for a lot of things. In the event of a heavy item or something that will hold weight reinforcements can be added.

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    What's the dimensions? Does it work out such that you could route in a few parallel angled keyhole slots?

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