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Thread: Leigh Dovetail Question

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    Leigh Dovetail Question

    I use my Leigh jig infrequently and find that I have to "re-learn" how to use it each time. I made my test cuts and got a tight fit after a few tries. I noticed that the left edge stop on the top of the jig was offset about a 1/2" to the left compared to the vertical left edge stop. The manual goes through a procedure to make sure the 2 guides are aligned exactly the same. For the life of me I don't remember why I have this offset but I haven't touched the jig in a couple of years and my last set of drawers turned out fine. If it matters, I always cut half blind dovetails.

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    I have only used mine a few times and do the same as you re-learning some of it when I use it. But I do like it and it gives great results. I have a lot of drawers to run on mine and ran a test drawer the other day and all was aligned.
    I took a pic of mine (D4R 24") shown here:

    Can you take a pic of what has yours offset?
    I'm certainly not an expert on the jig but I'm not aware of anything it has to create the offset.

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    I think it may be related to either a 1/2" overlap or a fitted drawer with no lap. I also think it may be offset by one dovetail cutter width.
    Bill D

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    I finally figured it out The lower guide has a small removable plastic piece (Hard to see on image) attached to it. I have not ideas what it is for. I removed it and it just took a tiny tweak to align the 2 guides. Problem solved.

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    think ya use the spacer when doing 1 pass dovetails.

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    Speaking of one pass dovetails, has anyone done them? Like em or not?

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