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Thread: Rick Beato Martha Argerich

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    Rick Beato Martha Argerich

    Just checking what Rick was doing lately. This lady is amazing. Huge talent and still playing at 80 years old.

    Great job as usual Rick.

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    The great thing about Martha is that she has been active longer than I have been alive. We had MPEG-4 just before the year 2000 but until Apple's Quicktime application became the de facto standard for online video for a spell we didn't really have an elegant way to access audio/video libraries. Now you can watch Martha from the 60's through more modern times. Definitely one of my You-Tube-Time-Suck activities every time I start watching her.

    Random P.s. Another fun thing to do is listen to performers and their influences. Listen to Sam Cook and then listen to Steve Perry of Journey. Listen to Otis Redding and then to Janis. I better stop or I'll never get anything done today
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    Thanks for posting this Warren. Martha is truly inspiring. I will enjoy listening to her .

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    I'll be watching that video later today. Rick Beato has a very good channel.

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