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Thread: Jessem Mast-r-lift Excel II and Incra Clean Sweep?

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    Jessem Mast-r-lift Excel II and Incra Clean Sweep?

    I have a Mast R Lift Excel II table package on order and I'm thinking of using an Incra clean sweep with it. Anyone tried that and see any issue with it? I am figuring I'll have to drill a hole in the side of the clean sweep for the handle to fit through.

    I'd like to build a cabinet-like insert with storage, but that will take some time and I'd really like decent dust collection before I get to it.


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    Hi Bill, what kind of dust collection are you using? The description from Lee Valley says the table has a 4” port to chute already in place. Sorry I don’t have a good answer for your question. I’m using the maser lift/ clean sweep set up that incra sells. It seems to work quite well. The table you are looking at does not seem to use the vented inserts that allow decent flow for below the table collection. Hopefully someone here has this table and will chime in. I would try to contact Jessem and see what they say about it either way.

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    I have the Incra Clean Sweep paired with a Woodpeckers lift on my shop made router table. It works just fine but one thing to be aware of is that the access door is going to end up being on either the left side or the right side (your choice), as opposed to directly in front. This is not a consideration if you have an open stand, but would be a problem if your table has closed ends and tight clearances. Mine has closed ends but several inches of clearance, which is enough to get my hand in and access the speed control dial, which is the main reason to open the door anyway. ...I'm not sure what you mean by drilling a hole for a handle; I don't see why that would be necessary but then again, I don't have your lift.

    Whatever brand you get, I'm sure you will find that one of these under table dust collection enclosures for the router and lift is worth every penny. It is so nice not to have a mess to vacuum up every time you use the router table.

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    I got one about a month ago and so far am very pleased with it. Routing has been one of the messiest and least controlled operations in my shop. I haven't re-done the DC piping yet to hook it up, but it works quite well with shop vac hose stuck into the port. I expect it will be even better once I really connect it.

    Clearly I could have built something, but this solution is slick and handy.

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    I think it does a great job. I have a Rockler Open Steel stand and a New Rockler Dust bucket. I built a cabinet below for drawers, I should have made it a little shorter. I based my design loosely on the one in Woodworkers Journal. Dan

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    I've had the MastRLift Excel table for years. I changed the hose adapter on the bottom to the 4"one Jessem sells. That paired with the dust collection at the fence I had minimal mess. It works well.

  7. I have used the Jessem Masterlift for a number of years. I made my own router table and fence. I made the table opening to size for the Masterlift, and underneath the table, I made a plywood box, wit door on the front to house my PC 7518 router, and attached to the underside with “L” brackets. I placed a plastic 4” port underneath the plywood box, and with a 4” to 2” reducing “Y” plastic fitting, ran a 2-1/2 hose up to a home made hose fitting on the backside of the fence.

    Dust collection could not be better in my opinion. I have almost zero dust on the table top, and all the chips are sucked underneath into the 4” hose attached to the dust collector across the shop via 4” pvc thin walled pipe. The fence has sliding adjustments to accomodate differnt size bits.

    I love that Masterlift, as it gives great precision when setting up for raised panel cabinet doors, and any other routing operation.
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    Yep Jessem lift paired with a wixey digital readout makes setup easy. I only used the dro for relative adjustments but it has been a real help.

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    I built a box on mine. the side crank makes premade boxes not direct fit. Sorry this is the only pic I haveIMG_20200430_064634(1).jpg

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    Lovely shop furniture!
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