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Thread: Clamping end grain cutting board using printing tech

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    Clamping end grain cutting board using printing tech

    I was getting ready to start glueing and clamping some 600 pieces into a cutting board for a wedding gift. When I do this, I generally build some sort of clamping frame and itís always kind of a kluge. I realized that this exact type of clamping has been around for a long time in the letterpress printing world. They clamp rows of type into a heavy frame that goes into the press.

    the frame is called a chase and the clamps are called quoins. They use lots of maple spacers called furniture. Heres a link showing this stuff in use in woodworking.

    so I got a nice size chase off of eBay for $30 + shipping
    i got six new-old-stock 3Ē quoins plus a key for $25 inc shipping.

    no more kluge

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    Yep. My brother ran a letterpress shop out of my parents basement all thru high school. When he sold it off I saved several chases and some of the quoins. I use them for all sorts of small item clamping.

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