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Thread: Bad Day in the Shop

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    Bad Day in the Shop

    I am finishing up the Chinese Chippendale handrail on the shop porch. Yesterday, I had a bad day. Nothing serious or unfixable. I wound up with a few extra holes that will be covered and maybe a couple of pieces that are turned with the poorer face showing. Janicewhokeepsmehumble made me a sign. Thanks, J.
    The handrail is going well. Two sections left to install.
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    Very nice!
    Tough material to expect zero blemishes.

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    Looks nice!

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    Did you tell Janicewhokeepsmehumble to mind her own business?. Very attractive deck, nice job.

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    Thanks for the compliments. I like the way it looks too. A timber frame woodworking shop needs to have an upgraded handrail from 2x2 pickets. JWKMH and I went up to the shop after supper to sit on the porch. The shadow lines are fantastic in the raking evening light coming in through the trees.

    The mistakes are a consequence of complexity. The panels start out with lots of symmetries. But, as you get closer to installation left/right, top/bottom, and front/back matter. Also, seven different screw sizes and types are used. Each screw has its own pilot bit and driver bit. Plus, I am old. I have to really concentrate.

    I have a lot of process pictures for the Chinese Chippendale project thread. I may update that thread. I have problems uploading pictures and posts that others don’t have. I suspect it may something to do with speed or latency of my HughesNet internet connection.
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    Beautiful railing!

    I'd love to have someone give me little messages like that to help keep me focused. My wife, bless her, only sees the best of what I do & tactfully is blind to the blunders.

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