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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    14 Jun 2021

    I am officially off oncall duty and I'm HAPPY to be done with this. I am so looking forward to retire from this ball-and-chain.
    A bit more cleanup in the shop, yard work, garden work, and trying my best to keep as cool as I can. I'm already PAST ready to be done with summer!!!

    I have 4 projects lined up, now I just need energy to do them.

    That's it for me, so what did YOU do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    SWMBO had left knee replaced Thursday. Not getting much sleep giving her meds every 2 hrs. The Oxycodone has stopped, her choice. so now able to sleep up to 4 hrs at a time. Will stay home all week but now will try to get yard caught up and maybe some shop time as it is a mess from rearranging dust collection piping to moving new to me machines in. Maybe even start repairs on the 12" jointer/planer that I picked up. Have a Uniplane that is supposed to be ready to go, a 6x48 belt sander that has tracking issues and the 18" bandsaw will get professionally moved down Saturday morning. It is three phase and probably will get a VFD

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    Dennis, that on-call thing would have driven me to drink heavily a long time ago! (And I'm not really a big alcohol drinker either)

    Moved all my machinery except for the lathe to the new "temporary" shop this weekend with the assistance of 'Creeker Steve Wurster and my daughter's boyfriend, Dan. Three trips and the deed was in my "temp shop" thread in Workshops. I was back at the old shop today to disassemble my Stubby 750 lathe so it can be moved's too heavy and awkward to move any other way. The space is pretty empty at this point...kinda looks bigger than it really is. LOL


    And the temp shop is kinda full...but it will work out...

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    I finished up my drawer fronts and last two cabinet doors for the office built-ins. Now working on the crown molding to finish off the top edges of the cabinets. Will post some pics when the built-ins are all done.

    I had planned to also build a couple of lateral filing cabinets, but it seems like we will be able to manage with only the file drawers on the desks after cleaning out a bunch of old paperwork. We have a couple of file drawers that are full of all the instruction manuals for all our "stuff". We don't reference them often, so we will move them to the basement.

    I do still want to build a smaller bookcase sort of cabinet to hold the computer, NAS, audio stuff and networking stuff, but we are anxious to move on the kitchen remodel with the aim of being finished before the winter so we can shift a lot of cooking to outside while the remodel is in progress. I think I will work on the bookcase as time permits while focusing on the kitchen. I anticipate some periods of waiting for cabinets, flooring, and appliances once the design is finalized and orders placed, so I should have some time to chip away at that last office project.

    We have a another township brush chipping day coming up when the township will chip any brush stacked out by the road, so I've been going around and trimming all the brush that whaps me in the face while mowing around the edges of the lawn. I have a reasonable chipper shredder but it's a lot faster to let the township do it with their giant machine when there's a lot to do.
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    Took some Rosemary cuttings to root. Cleaned out a bunch of 5 gallon paint buckets to make "self wicking buckets." Transplanted some collards from seed flat to individual cups. Built trellise for tomatoes at friends house. Replaced pump on power washer that goes our younger son, and replaced carburetor on a small tiller for his wife. Went to Lowes to pick up some flooring we had ordered. It was damaged, so we refused delivery. Had some problems getting credit back on card, and then had to go and reorder. Why didn't Lowes just reorder it when it came in damaged is beyond me. I guess they thought we would take it any way- WRONG!!! Took wife in for follow up on some eye surgery. Doc told her to "come back in year." Ate our first "sit down" hot dog at Costco in over a year. Had our first Wednesday night meal of the summer with our small group from SS. Did some repairs (rotted posts) to rail fence across the front of our property. No shop time this week, as it garden season. Had a long time member of garden club take his life. He was in mid 90's.

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