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Thread: Anyone looking to sell a Chinese 50w fiber?

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    Anyone looking to sell a Chinese 50w fiber?

    The reason I have so many machines is because I hate WAITING on machines. While I now have a glut of tool machines, I don't mind as several of them are always set up for certain customers. They're always in use, just not necessarily often. Even with 4 C02 lasers I'm occasionally waiting on one them.

    But as the pandemic winds down, I'm getting new work the likes I've never seen. I'm currently working on 3 separate 'mass production' orders totalling over 16,000 pieces, with more coming. I only have 3 fiber lasers, and these jobs are monopolizing them! About 1/2 of the balance of my workload, around 15 orders, are fiber jobs, and once again I'm waiting on machines...

    Not the worst problem to have --

    I've been a proponent of buying ebay machines, and also of buying USED machines. Of the 19 machines (in my signature), only 8 were new machines, all others I've bought used.

    I've been searching ebay, and I'm not particularly thrilled with the current offerings. Many ads are cobbled together using identical photos from various other ads without regard to the pics matching any actual equipment. Every 50w and 100w ad use the same pics right down to the same 50 laser source. If a seller can't be bothered with posting actual photos of actual 100w laser sources they're supposed to be selling, they're not getting my money...

    So I thought I'd ask if anyone here may be looking to sell one. My needs are simple, it must be 50 watts minimum, and I want a cheap Chinese laser... much of my new work- in fact the job I'm working on right next to me as I type this- is coming from companies who have been doing their own lasering with expensive 'brand name' fiber lasers that keep breaking down and cost more to fix under warranty than I paid outright for my ebay lasers.

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    Kev, there is a guy or two on Facebook Fiber lasers selling on in West Virginia, but want local pickup only. Several more out west. There is a group Buy Used Laser Engravers where you can post for sale lasers.
    I did buy my 50 watt from SFX, they advertised in stock in US, but they didn't have one, but it shipped in a couple of days......
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    After just looking at ads, one of the US sellers sent me a lowball-offer, $285-ish discount to just below $4k for a 50w machine. No rotary, but they seem to be all of $225 on ebay, BUT, I can't find a single ad for one that has a pic of the controller card, and only ONE ad that contains the word 'driver'. Guess emailing the sellers is in order

    Really close to pulling the trigger ---
    ELEVEN - rotary cutter tool machines
    FOUR - CO2 lasers
    THREE - fiber lasers
    ONE - vinyl cutter
    CASmate, Corel, Gravostyle

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