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Thread: Graco TC Pro Handheld Airless Sprayer

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    Graco TC Pro Handheld Airless Sprayer

    Will my up coming project going face lift for kitchen. Preparing to sell our place hopefully this coming winter so trying make place look like normal people live there.Anyway my plan is to paint cabinets using brush but I been checking into this sprayer.Well SWs not giving these away so I wondering if anyone had use these if it actually does what Graco claims. Last several days I been reading reviews and its a mixture of pros/cons. Any thoughts on this sprayer would be great.Yea I have airless but it takes gallon paint just fill hoses. Thanks for any guidance

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    Get a 1/4"x short hose for your airless. Push the paint in the rig back in the container with water (if waterbourne), when getting ready to clean the rig.

    I have the very first version of that Graco self-contained airless sprayer. It does fine, but I only use if for very small jobs. Mine is more trouble than the big airless rig to clean, but I understand later versions were designed for easier cleaning. I wouldn't use it to spray a set of cabinets.

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