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Thread: Best removable double faced tape

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    I am using Fastcap double sided tape on my current dining room chair project. My template for the back legs has to be applied to each leg blank for routing to final shape. It holds well and can even be resused several times before being replaced. It is also thin. When I separate the pieces, sometimes it pulls a bit of the top layer of the plywood template but does not damage the workpieces. There is a small residue on the workpiece but it comes off with sanding and isn't enough to gum up the sandpaper. The back slats (6 per chair) also get template routed so I've been doing this a lot (10 chairs). The residue on the template of the tape doesn't come off real easy but it does come off using a knife or chisel to scrape it away.

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    that fastcap tape is great, use it when I need a better bond

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark e Kessler View Post
    Here is what I use, holds tight easy to remove and leaves no residue....
    Mark, how thick is the tape once the paper is removed?
    Lee Schierer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Schierer View Post
    Mark, how thick is the tape once the paper is removed?

    0.006 is what I get

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    One lesson I learned about double stick tape - make sure whatever you're sticking the tape to is SMOOTH. I was making a cutout for a router table plate and the plywood I was using as a template was a little rough. The tape held well to the table surface which was smooth, the tape - plywood template interface moved. That is why I have wood filler around my router table plate. No real harm done and lesson learned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas Wilson View Post
    That is what Bob van Dyke uses. I ordered some.

    I use this all the time and does work great. You can get at Woodcraft also. Thin and no residue.
    John T.

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