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Thread: Mini tiller / Cultivator

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    I am going to look at a Earthquake cultivator either tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday morning.
    I got one of these this spring for doing some raised garden beds. When I first started with it, I was pretty disappointed as it would stall the tillers quite easily. Couldn't hardly get anything chewed up. Then as I thought about it, figured it had a centrifugal clutch, and maybe just not turning fast enough. Sounded not bad, but took it to the workbench and found the throttle cable loom was adjusted at the shortest length. So I lengthened it out, and just like night a day! Have stalled it a couple of time in really heavy dirt, but overall works really great now. Won't bust sod, but then I didn't need to. Light enough to carry around from bed to bed, so overall, I have been happy with it.
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    Funny this popped up. I literally just today tilling a spot for blueberries and an apple tree. We have this Cub Cadet tiller and I love it. We have mostly clay (with some rock) soil and last spring I tilled up an area about 9,100 SQ FT, plus another smaller patch. It worked great and got the large one done in a day with no issues.

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    i have the echo PAS system, with the tiller, and it works well. The Echo stuff is a bit more heavy duty than most of the small engine yard tools. Also have the pole saw, string trimmer, blower.

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    I have the Stihl Kombi with a tiller, pole saw and string trimmer. Works very well.

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    I have an Earthwise brand electric. Works very well but gives you a workout.
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