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Thread: Ordnance Corps Insignia

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    Ordnance Corps Insignia

    I am in need of an .eps file for the Army Ordnance Corps insignia. Need to rotary engrave this and not having a good copy. All I can find is jpg and gif files. I need this today to get this done. Can you help me out there?

    Glenn Norton

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    Ord logo

    go to brands of the world and download it. The file size is too large for me to load here.
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    I'm making a trophy for a BBQ tournament for a fallen Navy Seal and will be sure to check out Brands of the World.

    I need the Navy Seal trident badge.

    Are there any other good sources for military vector art?


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    Also, check out Etsy. I have have had success finding any eps files I need there.
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    I should do this for a living

    I found this online (navy seal trident) as a .png, scanned it, saved it in Corel X4 ... took me about 4 minutes...

    navy seal trident.cdr

    >edit< So I googled 'ordinance corps' and found this EPS, all ready to go, I saved it in X4 also...
    Ordinance Corps.cdr
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    The DOD website has all the Branch insignias
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kev Williams View Post
    I should do this for a living
    Thank you, Kev. You're right, Google is our friend. Much appreciated.

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