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Thread: Enduro-var II

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    Enduro-var II

    I ran out of original Enduro-Var satin as I am nearing the end of my office built-ins project. I know, bad planning on my part, but who knew GF was going to reformulate it.

    I picked up a gallon of Enduro-var II Satin

    First impressions:

    EV1 in the can looked like skim milk with an amberish hue, but it was thicker than skim milk; more like cream, with a bit of an oily sheen.
    EV2 in the can is whole milk white, with very little tint to it. To me it looks just like whole milk. It is noticeably thinner than EV1. I didn't measure with a ford cup, but it's a lot thinner. No noticeable oily sheen. Bit stronger odor than EVI. Had to stir it a lot longer to mix in the settled flateners.

    I've been tinting the EV with transtint brown mahogany for the first two coats. The TT never dissolved/dispersed well in EV1; despite my best efforts there were always clumps of dye left in the strainer when I strained it after tinting. I was using about 3 drops of TT to each ounce of EV1. It turned it a very dark brown, like good dark chocolate.

    The TT dissolves even less well in EVII; a lot more clumps on the strainer. And the resulting color is more like light milk chocolate.

    I am now doing new sample boards to see what adjustments I have to make to get similar results to what I was getting with EVI. When brushing EVII on test boards, the lower viscosity is really noticeable; it drips off the brush easily compared to EV1. My sense it that it dries a little slower than EV1, but it's just an impression. It seems to level as well as EVI did. No way to judge durability at this stage.

    So just a heads up to Enduro-var fans; you may have to adjust your finishing schedule with EVII.
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    Good info, Paul. I was so disappointed (and kinda freaked out) when I heard GF was replacing EV1 with EV2. I bought 15 gallons of EV1 and a bunch of quarts, different sheens, almost everything I could find. It’s the best finish I’ve ever used.

    I picked up a quart of a EV2 a few weeks ago and have done about a dozen different samples comparing to original EV. On bare wood, over seal-a-cell, over shellac, different species, durability tests, etc. Here are my impressions:

    — EV2 ambers less than EV1 (GF states this). I would say EV2 is in between EV1 and a pure water based poly like High Performance. The difference is less noticeable over an oil sealer than on bare wood. EV1 over an oil sealer looks very, very close to an oil-based topcoat.
    — EV2 is slightly cloudier than EV1 when building up several coats. EV1 has really good clarity.
    — EV1 flows out better on large surfaces than EV2. I rarely get lap marks with EV1 even on large surfaces (when brushing). EV2 left me with some noticeable overlaps. This was even after thinning 12% with GF extender (extremely dry here in Colorado).
    — EV2 often left me with bubbles from brushing. This seems to decrease as the brush becomes fully saturated, but they’ve been very difficult to eliminate completely. No bubbles ever with EV1.

    I will post some photos of my samples tomorrow. Overall I’m highly disappointed in the updated Enduro Var II. The only claimed benefits of the new version are:

    1) improved adhesion over EV1
    2) increased chemical and heat resistance, and
    3) 2-hour dry time instead of 4-hour.

    I’ve never had adhesion issues EV1. I always make sure my seal-a-cell dries a few days or shellac a few hours. I’ve even recoated tables with thick oil-based polyurethane finishes with EV1 and they look amazing and have held up for years. GF are kind of spazzes about EV1’s adhesion issues but none of this has ever been borne out in all my experience and things I’ve read. One time just for kicks I put EV1 over seal-a-cell that had only dried 30 minutes and it adhered fine, cured fine, looks fine, and seems just as durable months later.

    I can only hope GF will either bring back EV1 or reformulate at some point. In the meantime, I will continue to hoard EV1 and hope the unopened cans last a long time.

    I sometimes use Zar’s Oil Modified Urethane and it is quite good. It’s closer to EV1 in ambering and seems plenty durable. Also half the price. Anybody ever use the Zar? I’ve also tried Minwax’s oil modified poly and was not impressed.
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    Thanks for the detailed report Paul. I knew they had reformulated it but haven't used any yet. Disappointing for sure.

    As for your issues dissolving TT in any WB finish, I've never had an issue, including in EV1. Try pre dispersing the TT in a few ml of water first and then adding that to the finish.


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