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Thread: toro personal Pace verses lawn boy

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    I have a 2005 Toro Z400 ZTR and it has been a very good mower. Just had some work done on it thinking I would sell it and get something new. The service Tech talked me out of it saying the mower has a ton of life in it.
    The only thing I will add is I kinda been looking for a 21" self propelled rear bag mow. Noticed that store stock is getting low. know that dealers are saying they cant get anymore mowers for the year or very limited stock. I'm going to hold off till maybe next year.
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    I've no idea how the drives work, never looked under the hood!


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    I talked to dealers who said they are still waiting for zero turn mowers they ordered last fall. They are not supposed to get them until around the end of June. They are concerned that they will end up warehousing most of them over the winter as the peak mower buying season is over in Minnesota by end of June. By July everyone who just wanted a new mower already has a new one for the most part. Many of those who have an ailing mower will try to limp them through the rest of the season and get a new one the next spring. Peak mowing season is over by September 1st or earlier. After September 1st most lawns only need mowing every 10 to 14 days.

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    If cleaning up the cut grass with a bagging mower is important, we bought a Snapper, to cut the dog yards with. It's like a vacuum cleaner went over the yards.

    The self-propelled operation is not the easiest, but that was not the important thing for us. It's pretty easy to get used to, but there is a separate lever for ground speed.

    We also got the electric start version, which I thought was kind of silly, to start with, but after having it, I feel like it's worth having.

    The bag is really easy to empty, and get on, and off.

    We've had a couple of other brands over the years, but we always had to blow the dog yards out after cutting with them. With this Snapper, no blower is needed.

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    Peak mowing season is over by September 1st or earlier. After September 1st most lawns only need mowing every 10 to 14 days.
    Here in NE Ohio, the peak season is usually over by this time.
    Usually we get real thick heavy growth from April until the first part of June, then when the heat of summer sets in, the grass more or less goes dormant (except for the people that water & want lush green grass).

    The last few years have been different though.
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