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Thread: Japanese mortise chisel skewed?

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    Japanese mortise chisel skewed?

    I got a pair of used Japanese mortise chisels used, quite cheap but both of them have the cutting edge skewed. Is this an error on the part of the previous owner?
    I assumed that like my bench chisels, the cutting bevel should be square to the sides.
    Am I wrong?
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    Is the bevel flat, hollow or convex?

    Approximately how many degrees are the chisels skewed Aaron?

    It could just be a case of sloppy sharpening by a previous owner.

    One of my mortise chisels came with a bevel that was lightly skewed with the bevel sloped to one side. This seemed to cause it to twist in the cut until the bevel was corrected.

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    Aaron, unless a chisel is intended for a slicing action on the push stroke, all should have a squared blade. Since these came used, I imagine that the previous owned was either cross-eyed, careless or both. Grind and hone them square, otherwise they will not cut straight.

    A pair of Fujikawa (6mm and 9mm) ...

    Fujikawa began making mortice chisels a long while back, specialising in this type of chisel. They now offer a wider range. I ground/honed these (single bevel) to 30 degrees, where they seem fine to date. You can go higher (say 35 degrees) if you need.

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