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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    24 May 2021

    The LOML and I went on a short vacation with the SIL, daughter, and grandaughter to Orange Beach, AL. Was a really nice time and I even got to relax for a couple of days! Yea me!!! Still teaching my student in my shop and he's advancing well as he learns terms and what they mean. I am doing the final sanding and touch up painting on The LOML's kitchen pantry expansion that I made for her. Hopefully, I'll get that finalized this week and will post a pic. I'm ready for the rain to stop for a couple of weeks but it doesn't look like it's going to stop long enough for me to cut the grass. Oh well, I guess I can convert it all to hay and hope for the best.

    I've got a couple of small projects lined up and will be ordering the lumber for those this coming week. A queen bed for my #2 son and an island top out of Ash for a customer than wants a 36x48x1.5" island top. So that's in the works this coming week.

    It's back to work for me and that's it for me, so what did YOU do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
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    I finally found time to use my new sharpening system to sharpen my new WoodRiver socket chisels. I am preparing solo for the 3 youngest grandkids to invade for the summer so my woodworking time is minimal before I got pickup SWMBO and those 3.

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    Finished off my Resonte (copywrite) box for the kitchen. Some old growth Fir I was given and machined up mitered and put together with Old Brown Glue. For the slotted groove I stuck it down with double sided turner's tape. wife loves it.
    Cutting the pieces for my flip-top cart tomorrow, hopefully be able to mount my DeWalt 735 and General mortiser on it by the end of the week.
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    Made panels, rails, and stiles for the lower cabinet doors on my kitchen hutch project.

    Continued my self-education in hand-cut dovetailing, which I began about a month ago, with one more small practice box (total of four so far) and then the beginnings of a box to store my router plane and the blades and accessories that go with it.
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    I'm trying to learn to build Appalachian-style ladderback chairs. I bought a 12' white oak log last week and started splitting it up and shaving down rungs this weekend. So far, so good, although some of my rungs aren't the straightest. I'm still learning how to properly use the drawknife and shave horse. It's fun and nice to not have all the equipment running.

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    Jason, that's a pretty impressive pile of sticks and the parts that weren't sticks!

    I made little progress on my cabinet doors this week, kind of frustrating, but I hope to get more done this week. I spent a couple of days moving my old jointer, planer, and shopsmith out of the basement shop into the garage so I could list them for sale. Some of that time was fabricating skids for them so they could be winched up the outside stairway. The SS went easily; the jointer got a little exciting because it's so top heavy. But I got them moved. The rest of the time was gathering all the accessories and other bits for the shopsmith, taking pics, posting adds, answering inquiries, etc. The jointer and planer sold instantly; I could have sold 5 of each. Probably means I priced them too low, but I wasn't as interested in squeezing out every buck as I was in getting them to someone who would use them and selling them quickly. The SS response has been underwhelming, although I had another inquiry this evening. Priced at $650 for the Model 510 with bandsaw and tons of accessories and upgrades, I think it's a reasonable price given the included blades alone cost more than that. But I get that 650 isn't pocket change. If it doesn't sell soon, I may lower the price or may just donate the whole kit to restore.

    Spent another couple of days researching new furnaces and A/C brands and contractors. Met today with my first choice contractor, who happens to be a Trane dealer, and was pretty blown away by the prices, and not in a good way. I know Trane is a higher priced brand, and I'm looking at higher end equipment, but did not expect prices in the 15-20k neighborhood. I have a couple more folks to meet with; hope the prices will be lower.

    Also spent more time on kitchen remodel planning and on outside chores; between all that the week just flew by....
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    Fit panels for my kitchen cabinet doors, sanded an applied 3 coats of waterlox to both sides.

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    Finished up my folding outfeed table for the table saw. Also finished and hung the bookshelf I made to match the office cabinet I built earlier this week.

    Non-wood, ran wire for and connected a 110 outlet for the dust bin sentry and got the temporary DC ducts all in place.

    It was a productive week. Off to Tahiti for my wife's birthday and come back to build a new bed!

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    'Glad you got some relaxation in, Dennis!

    More of the same for me...working on moving the shop. I did accomplish a big milestone this weekend and got the storage in the temporary shop sorted and most things put away so there will be room for actual tools at some point. Next major thing in that space is dealing with getting a sub-panel in so I can provide power to said tools once I decide where they will live until I can get a building built. Clean out at the other end has also been proceeding. I have pretty much everything packed/bundled or discarded for the first floor (the actual shop area) as of yesterday afternoon and am moving all the bundled material plus sheet goods to the storage locker today. (my back isn't happy about that) I then need to move onto the upstairs which will be "not fun"...sauna like on even just a warm day. But it has to get done.

    Current state of the temporary shop:


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