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Thread: Big problems with Versa VL-200

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    Big problems with Versa VL-200

    Hi all!

    I am owner of a VL-200 Laser. The first months it works well, but i worked only with small jobs (e.g. glasses, bottles...).
    before x-mas i started with bigger jobs (cuttting wood) and now i have a lot of problems:

    The laser stops/freezes for some minutes. In this case he lost coordinates (destroying the material) and/or crashes the optics into the left or right end...

    I am using WinXP Prof.
    I tried: other computer, Win2K, removing all other USB Devices, shorter USB cable... change driver settings

    yes, i have contact with the support of my local dealer:
    They know from problems like this (but not so extreme), but i think they have no idea and are only guessing...

    have anyone an idea what to do?

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    I had a similar problem with my epilog tt I took it apart and found lots of "dirt" on the mylar encoding strip, this strip is used for keeping track electronically of where the optics are at, at any given moment. Cleaning this solved my problem. I don't know if your machine uses the same way of tracking it's optics though.


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    UN fortunately it has to do with the CPU of the laser system or the USB card also in the system.

    Contact customer support and they will send the replacement part out for you.

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    Problem with VL-200

    I have a VL-300 and had the same problem. The laser would lose its place on the work or skip to a new location for no reason and ruin it, or sometimes the laser would turn off and the carriage would keep going down the job, but without the laser turned on.

    On occasion the laser would make a loud gear stripping noise as if something was grinding.

    I called the factory and they sent me a new motherboard, a new USB board, and a new USB cable. I installed these parts with great telephone support from Universal. They are nice guys.

    The laser continued to screw up. Many jobs were ruined. I was ready to smash it with a hammer.

    The problem seemed to be in the computer I am using. Try the following tips:

    1. Turn off all screensavers, sleep or hibernation modes, powersaver modes.

    2. Hit CONTROL ALT DELETE and see what applications are running. Also see how many processes are running. Try to get rid of some of the ones you are not using.

    3. While you are on the processes tab, right click the VersaLaser process. A menu will come up. Click on SET PRIORITY and change the VersaLaser from NORMAL to HIGH priority. This seemed to help the most, but it keeps changing back to Normal. I have to change it back to HIGH all the time.
    Maybe someone can tell us how to set that thing to stay on High Priority.

    So far this has helped a lot. From what I understand, the computer and the Versalaser are communicating back and forth during the entire engraving job. There is no buffer, it is all in realtime. Any little thing that distracts the computer, will mess up this communication and ruin the job.

    Please try these tips and get back to me. Maybe we can help each other and help Universal also.


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    ULS Support Europe


    i want to introduce myself. I am responsible for Service of ULS machines in Europe and have seen your posted message.

    So if you need urgently help, please send me an email with your Serial number to

    Paul was correct, there is no memory on the machine, so perhaps try connecting another PC.
    Have you tried different materials?

    Perhaps we can find a solution?


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    Now I know a little bit more...

    Quote Originally Posted by Gerd Spatz

    The laser stops/freezes for some minutes. In this case he lost coordinates (destroying the material) and/or crashes the optics into the left or right end...
    Thanks a lot for your help and ideas!

    I have new informations from a third party: I'm on the way to be a Universal V.I.P. I think i am the only guy in the world who can freeze an VL-200;-)

    It looks like a software problem und some of my files (*.cdr *.vlm) are send to the universal development team. I hope they do a good job ;-)

    For the Universal support members: my real name in your database is "Gerd Braeth" or "Gerd Bräth" from Ulm/Germany. The registration form of Sawmill Creek doesn't accept my name "not a real name"? so i use this nickname "Gerd Spatz"

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