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Thread: Looking for WIN98 Xenetech rotary software

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    Looking for WIN98 Xenetech rotary software

    I have been running our Xenetech 1625 with a PC running WIN98 for 25 years - probably because it's not connected to the Internet - and have only had the occasional problem with it sometimes requiring reloading the software.

    I have a new gremlin and can't find my software disk.

    Xenetech said at first that they couldn't find the WIN98 version on their server and they now are dealing with a flood in their factory and it's not clear that I'm ever going to get it from them.

    I'm reaching out to see if anyone happens to have an old dusty copy of the XGW 5.x software laying around that I could either borrow or buy - if it can't be emailed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try contacting Roy Brewer here:
    Mike Null

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    You may be searching for a version of the Xenetech software that has serious problems which might account for why they cannot find a copy of that version.

    There is another thread here concerning the bugs in their software that the President of the company contributed to here. Actually I am stretching the idea that he contributed anything since he never fixed his software. There is a newer thread here that concerns issues of Xenetech taking people's money and not delivering products.

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    Are you still looking for older version of Xenetech ?
    I think, I do have it,.... but how are you going to unlock it ?
    Looks like Xenetech Company closed their business or soon will announce bankruptcy.
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