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Thread: One for Mom...

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    One for Mom...

    This entry is from last summer, mid-pandemic, pre-vaccination, post-prime...

    Mom, referenced in this meditation, is struggling pretty hard right now. I learned a new word yesterday; "cachexia," which is one I could happily have done without. We hope to see her in a couple of days.

    Anyway, I ran across this today (see link), and thought of Sawmill Creek. I hope this doesn't come across as using the forum for self-promotion. It is not monetized writing, and I thought some here might find it of brief interest.

    The greatest fortune of my life is to have tools, and places for tools, and -- perhaps, on the best of days -- uses.


    --Jack S. Llewyllson

    Gratitude is a gift to yourself.

    Purity tests are the bane of human existence.

    Codeine takes the pain from every muscle but the heart.

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    That is a beautiful piece of writing Jack. Thanks for sharing.


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    I enjoyed your writing immensely Jack. so glad you posted it. And the bowl came out really nice too. Glad your mom liked it.

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    Thank you for posting that.

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    Blessings on you Sir

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