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    GF White Poly Question

    I've searched the forum and couldn't find a direct answer to my question. This means it's probably a dumb question....but here goes.

    I am building kitchen cabinets and I am ready to start finishing. For the boxes I am using General Finishes conversion varnish, which I will spray with my Fuji Q5 gun. I plan to do this in my garage, which I am turning into a temporary spray booth. I have a separate air line respirator with full hood - so I think I am good with regards to safety. My question is regarding the GF White Poly I intend to spray the doors with. Can I take this to a local paint shop, such as Benjamin Moore, and have them tint it to the color of my choice? I already have two gallons of the white poly. If I can't use it for this project, I can use it for something else. I did try emailing and calling General Finishes HQ - never got a return email or call-back.

    If the White Poly I already have cannot be tinted/color matched locally can anyone recommend which Benjamin Moore product would be best to spray on the doors? Would their acrylic furniture-specific paint be an acceptable alternative? I have brushed this on other projects in the past and it's been great.


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    Certainly GF's White Poly can be tinted to at least pastel colors with UTC's. Whether or not it can be tinted to deep saturated colors is a question I don't have the answer for but I suspect it cannot. The larger issue is that w/o a recipe a local paint shop won't know how much RBY, etc. to add to get the color you want. You would likely be better off using TC's EM-6500 and have them tint it to whatever color you want. You can pick any BM color, I believe. Another option is to use Lenmar's MegaVar WB. It's sold by BM and can be tinted to any of their colors.


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