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Thread: Dust Curtains?

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    Dust Curtains?

    Hello Everybody.

    Soon I will be moving my workshop to a new space and expanding my work area by from bailout 800 sq ft to nearly 2000. The new building allows me to have my fabrication equipment (dust making machines), I.e. jointer, planer, saws, lathe, etc., on one side of the space and a clean finishing area and welding equipment safely on the other side. Between the two sides is a wall with a large 10' x 10 aperture. Initially I was thinking about having a roll down door installed. But got some estimates and it will cost thousands of dollars and will frankly be sort of pain to open and close to go through all the time in midst of a build since my primary benches will be in the area. Then discovered these dust curtain solutions:

    Wondering if anybody has experience with these? I can get one with all necessary hardware, weighted at the bottom, velcro or magnetic seals on the sides and delivery for about $600. Installation is a pretty simple task of bolting a track to the opening.

    Id appreciate any thoughts and insights from folks who may have used or seen the effectiveness of these curtains in a wood working environment. Between these, my dust collectors, industrial fan, and Jet air filtration unit Im hoping to have a clean division between fabrication and finishing.

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    You might want to check out this recent thread. Slightly different style but similar idea:
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    Is a garage door with a jackscrew opener an option? Certainly a breeze to push a button and have it open.

    I have no clue if that is more or less expensive an option, but just a thought.
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    Another option would be the vinyl strip door curtains.
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