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    Question Bjorn hide glue starter kit

    Hey... my current project has some small curved areas that need veneering. I figured Iíd try hammer veneering; I took a short class in it years ago, weíll see if I can remember how. In any case, I bought the starter kit from Bjorn hide glues ( It comes with a (very!) small glue pot, more of an electrified pan. My question is, is this small pot sufficient to heat up the glue? Or do I have to heat it elsewhere and this will just keep it warm? Kinda hoping I can do it all with the one potm I donít mind waiting ad I donít need much glue here.

    Also, there are adjacent faces on my project that have thick (1/8Ē) veneer already attached. If I get hide glue on these, will that affect the finish? Iím not too worried if the whole piece gets wet (like the veneer Iím applying) but here it would be just a bit on the end of a several foot run, so part would get glue slop over but most would not. That seems like it could be a bit dicey. Itís a wenge veneer and Iíll likely use a water based poly on it.


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    Greetings Bob, it’s kind of hard to get a point of reference with the glue pot, but it does seem a bit small too me and not sure it’s capable of running the typical double boiler method. Eugene Thorndahl (owner of Bjorn) is an expert about hide glue, so if you have any questions I would ask him. I have bought hide glue from him.

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    Bob, if you canít see the hide glue it likely will not interfere with the look of the finish. White and yellow glues can cause a problem with
    stain even when you could not see it before applying the stain.

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