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Thread: Building a White Oak Cabinet for our Bathroom. (Video)

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    Building a White Oak Cabinet for our Bathroom. (Video)

    Here’s a little cabinet I made for our bathroom to hold toilet paper and ladies unmentionables lol,l it was made from a gnarly quarter sawn board that dried extremely cupped. I had chainsaw milled it some 7 years earlier, it was a fun project. I’ve include my YouTube link below for you to see a full video on how I made it.
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    Clearly you have outstanding skills. Could you do a video on creating a video?

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    Mike, I hope you'll become a Contributor so you can post photos here of your project. It's only $6 a year.... click on the donate button up above to do so. There are also many folks who do not have the Internet bandwidth to view videos, so we do ask that stills also be posted.

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    Pretty. Well presented.

    Curious, do you usually rip rough lumber on the table saw? Those initial rips with the cut off side riding in the air are worthy of a safety discussion.

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    That was one ugly board, and one fine DSOTM tshirt.

    Where do you keep your bottle of CA solvent?

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