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Thread: Shop Fox 20 in. Belt Sander-W1709

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    Shop Fox 20 in. Belt Sander-W1709

    Has anyone had experience with the Shop Fox 20 in. Belt Sander-W1709?
    Thinking buying one in the future and hoping to get some feedback first.
    Thank you.

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    Yes it is a good machine. I had one just like it. It worked great for flattening doors and sanding medium sized glue ups. Only down side might be that it might not have a platen. Mine did but I was told the newer ones donít. I still have mine tucked back in the back corner of my shop. I bought a brand new larger Cantec which is a substantial step up from this sander. For the price though itís great. If you can swing it, the 24Ē isnít much more. If you could do $11,500 you could get a 36Ē

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