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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    10 May 2021

    I hope each of you celebrated the Mother's Day weekend in some shape or form. I came off of oncall duty this morning and am a free man once again. I'm so looking forward to retirement.
    I'm continuing to teach my woodworking student each week. He's learning very well and makes me wish I had someone to teach me when I first started woodworking. Spent the weekend with celebrating the MIL, The LOML, and my mother. Also got the last piece of kitchen pantry trim made and installed. Now I just need to caulk and put a final coat a paint on the entire exterior. Maybe I can get to that this week. I hope.

    That's it for me, so what did YOU do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
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    We took advantage of the few days my wife has free between teaching spring classes and summer classes to rent a cabin for a few days near Hocking Hills Ohio, and do some hiking and just relaxing. Both our Mom's have passed, so while they were in our thoughts, we didn't have any celebrations to attend.

    In the shop I completed all the joinery on the doors for the office built-ins; next is pre-finishing, assembly and final finishing. Hope to get them done and installed this week.

    Otherwise, I continue to research options for kitchen flooring, appliances, etc. It's been a while since I did a kitchen remodel, so many new options to explore.
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    This is mostly a repeat of a post in my long build thread in the musical instruments section, but I hope it's OK to repost the milestone here, as the project was finally finished yesterday. (It's been almost there for a while, but it took a while to get the last few screws--tiny black wood screws are hard to find!

    The guitar is a Stratocaster scale, with single coil Lindy Fralin Strat pickups, but in a through-neck design. The primary wood is cocobolo, book matched front and back from a single board, with curly hard maple as the main secondary wood. Accents are cherry and redheart, with an ebony fingerboard. Inlays are New Zealand Paua abalone. I don't play myself, but my customer (my son) says it plays wonderfully and sounds exactly how he wanted it to.

    IMG_3185.jpg IMG_3178.jpg IMG_3173.jpg IMG_3168.jpg
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    Last weekend I had prepared a raised panel for a test fit in my kitchen hutch project, but I had set the panel raising bit at the wrong height, so the panel wasn't going to be suitable for actual use. This past week I glued up, trimmed, and leveled two more side panels. Over the weekend I raised them at the router table, sanded them, and began prefinishing them prior to getting the installed.

    I also continued my self-education in dovetailing. My work still isn't pretty, but I'm able to move faster and with less risk of ruining a joint by getting impatient in the final paring and fitting.
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    Another week of running around like a head with my chicken cut off... Finished up my "punch list" for preparing our "old" property for sale...the listing goes live later this week...and started to prepare to move the shop. I'm going to freshen the paint in the "garage that will be a shop for while" before moving all the stuff in since it was a quick job by the previous owner and just needs another coat to look pleasant. That's easier to do without all the stuff in the way.

    The big thing this past week was actually yesterday. Yes, it was mother's day. But it was also graduation day for our younger daughter. At about 18:30 on Sunday evening, her degree was ceremonially conferred by the university president during the streamed virtual commencement presentation. It was "different" but it was also enjoyable because the whole family could be there. (limited to two people for the live, in-person commencement) If was also faster and a lot less boring. LOL In this photo, she's standing as her degree was conferred.


    At any rate, our daughter now has her Bachelor of Science in Business from Penn State, following in both my and my father's footsteps. She's pursuing opportunities in the sustainable fashion industry going forward. The sweatshirt she's wearing in this photo was my father's and I was tickled that she chose to wear it on graduation day! (the dude is her really nice and uber-smart boyfriend)


    We will get formal photos as the weather allows and when we can get physically on campus to be at the Nittany Lion sculpture.

    From a woodworking perspective, I'm mostly doing minor carpentry and other stuff here at the new property to fix things and adapt to our personal storage needs. That will get a little easier once I have more of my tools moved, but my MFT and track saw have gotten a workout already for pairing down shelving, etc.

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